Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

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Rare money in the bank

Elder Carter and Elder Wilkerson
Good Day! Up town life is amazing! I really love it and we aren’t in too much of the super busy side of town! We have some ghetto parts and some really nice areas! But the people are awesome and working with Elder Carter is so great. We get along so well and getting a lot of good things done. Elder Carter is from Pleasant Grove and has been out about 14 months. He is taller than me which is weird but cool! We live in a cute, tiny apartment. It’s probably 12x30FT. Walk in and there is a kitchen and our study, look left a bathroom and our little BEDroom.. but I love it! Easy to keep clean and I think helps with companionship unity. But we did just get a washer, have a microwave and such, but NO Hot water!!! And I have been told the coldest water on the island. Most of the people in Kingston do very well. Way expensive to live here. And it’s a mix of people, lots of Chinese, some natives, but many from Canada and a handful of white people.  I’m almost getting comfortable with seeing them again :) The roads are better in areas but overall much better. I still had to replace a tube this Sunday and getting the bike tuned today so we will see how long it last!!! But definitely have to watch out for the traffic!! But the branch is amazing! 6 elders in this branch and 6 in the other and then 4 down in Boulevard area! We played soccer this morning together so that's cool! A very well established branch though. They really want a Stake and really pumped about the missionary work! We have three FHEs during the week that members take their friends to so we can get them as investigators and it’s been going great. One of the families is the Pearts (the family of the kid I got to train til he went to Dominican Republic!) We didn’t have any teaching pool when I got here, but we have 3 investigators right now. None came to church, but they have great potential and we are seeing a family tonight! One of our big focuses is getting the less actives back! We had 5 back from our area alone this week! I also had some inspiration for a lesson this week!! Oreos! There is 3 ways to find out if they are good cookies 1) could eat them- or try them out/ go to church 2) read the ingredients- read your scriptures 3) or ask someone if they are good- such as praying! So the oreos are the gospel!! and 3 ways to find out it’s good. Thought it was cool so bought a big thing of oreo packs! :) 

Well New Year’s was good.. just trying to remember what we did! I know that we went in early. We had to be inside at 8! I think we cooked together, cleaned house and went to bed early! Woo woo! But not a whole lot to report on this week! It is great being in this clean town and going to Mega Mart for more food options! It’s similar to a Costco! Not much cheaper, but more variety and good deals on bulk! By the way, CONTACT solution is $1800. or like 20 US. per bottle. I’m super pumped for this next week! I feel like I’m really a missionary again. Not real shore what had happened. I know my prayers kinda got weak and maybe got area dead! But the work is going solid here and just excited for another great week and to build up the teaching pool and make a Stake or whatever the Lord requires!!! This is 2014! Let’s work hard. I know as we use our talents the stronger they get and the more the Lord will trust us! (D&C 60:2-4). Well, I love you all! Have a happy 2014! Attitude is altitude! Make it a good year! 
Elder Wilkerson

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