Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

We have been working on our home a lot to get it to the point of being super clean and feeling comfortable with the Savior coming there! Our house is suppose to be like a temple especially cuz we can’t go to one for two years!! So it’s been really great. It really does change the way you feel and the amount of spirit and revelation can come into the house!! This week was a rough one for me. I think I sometimes am trying to consecrate myself too much and push myself to the point where I just quit or my attitude is gone down hill fast. Change is something that takes time, but I am just trying to make the best of it while I am in this spiritual realm and set up a wonderful lifestyle for myself so I can never fall back! No one wants to do that! But trials are grrreat, I’m learning a ton!! Monday we got to meet with Steve again and we talked a lot about attitude and just thinking positively always! He is praying about a date to get baptized and we’re going to see him tomorrow! Tuesday saw the Williams family again they are now on date for the 15th of December and we might have to push it back again if we can’t get them to church more! Wednesday I had my bike wreck. I was just riding with a flash light in hand, but still couldn’t see the 1st pot hole. I hit it and my handle bars twisted and not the wheel, then hit a second more deep pot hole like 6 inches deep and tacoed my tire and threw me off!! Hit my left elbow but not bad at all! A rosta was there by and came out and jumped on my rim and bent it back to a somewhat rideable position cuz still had a 40 min bike ride on a functioning bike. Nuff fun! Thursday we took my bike to the shop and went home and cleaned the windows and straightened the house out a bit cuz all of our area you need a bike for!! Friday we had Friday night activity! It’s getting big, like once again another 100+ people there! Also got a branch mission leader on Friday! It’s the 1st counselor in the Branch Presidency right now! So guess it’s time to hasten the work! Saturday we went to visit a member that moved in two weeks ago from Linstead, moved up to Bath Mountain. It’s a 2 hour bike ride up hill and about 20 minutes back down!! Very fun down... rough to the top. I will have to get some sweet pics next time we are up there! Also saw a few other less active Priesthood holders we have been working with since I got to Sav.  Sunday was awesome! 3 investigators at church from the Edwards family! 3 less actives back. All priesthood and the ones we were working with! Great to see the labors bring fruit!! It is harvest time in Jamaica!! Sugar cane!! Starts today!! Biked to Belmont today to see Bro Edwards family.. another exactly 1 hour rough bike ride, lots of hills but all down hill back home!! The family is doing awesome and also had a cottage meeting there and taught 8 of Brother Edwards family members. Huge family yard! Much potential. Very cool. Had dinner there and headed home. The teaching was scarce this week, but we still got a lot accomplished looking at the good we did! Lots of behind the scene work has to start happening but there is no time to slow down either! Been a lot of fun, but definitely hard work as well and sometimes frustrating! But it’s coming along. This week we estimated about 155 miles put on the bikes! And no punctures!! Great! Love you guys! I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner with no snow!!! But the music and lights and sales and parties are still here, haha! Nuff love! Hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Elder Wilkerson

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