Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

This week really was so much better! To help us focus cuz both of us have kinda been having off weeks due to Christmas and other things, we had spiritual meals to keep are spirits rolling while we had meal times. We listened to John Bytheway. We went through like 10 of his albums this week! But it was so uplifting and I think really showed in our teaching!  We found a few new families to work with this week. Found them through taking paths the spirit put us on! Some of the experiences were quite different. One we found at a power tool shop. Had a thought to go see if he rented tools. What a dumb thought! We went back anyways and he doesn’t rent tools.. but super interested in the gospel and a non member sister was there and joined in and we answered a few of her questions as well! Cool! The other we found is named Maxine. Maxine #3, haha! But we were all out of plans everything had fallen through.. soo had a feeling to go down this lane. We got to the end and was like man.. wasn’t expecting that.. was expecting to find someone.. but at the end there was a house with the gate open and 3 giant dogs ran out to eat us!! And Maxine came out and called them off and we set up a return appointment! Ha! She is sweet though and has a huge family yard we are going to be working with! This next week is crammed for teaching time! So many meetings! Tuesday we have a meeting and our Christmas party as missionaries. Wednesday district meeting, Friday branch Christmas dinner and Elder Cornish broadcast to watch, Saturday the devotional and then Sunday of course! Whoa, gettin crazy and to be honest I am so stressed and just want the Christmas season to be over. There is no snow, few Christmas lights and so hott anyways! Doesn’t feel like Christmas, but hey, only one more hot Christmas after this! It’s interesting that all the missionaries in Sav are having their first missionary Christmas! So that’s sweet!  I am scared for the devotional, but definitely the link will be sent to your email and just remember we are 2 hours different time from you! But this week was lots better as a whole, learned much from the scriptures and new oppurtunities! Love you all!

Elder Wilkerson

Here is the link that we were sent to watch their devotional on Saturday at 11:30 am Utah time.  I sure hope it works!!

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