Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

I had an awesome week! I so very much love missionary status lifestyle!  Let me tell you a bit bout my awesome week and how my faith has strengthened!! Then I'll send some pics!
First off, I finished the Book of Mormon! Much studying! Probably went so long cuz I took a lot of it deep, with the doctrine! It's so true and I'm so thankful for the things I learn each and every day from it. A word that stuck out to me that you can't even get 5 pages in the Book of Mormon without reading. REMEMBER! EXCLAMATION POINT! Haha, it is said 136 times in the book! Sometimes we always forget! We always have to remember and strengthen our faith, remember why we are here, remember what we are doing, remember our purpose! There is soooo much we need to remember in this life, but most importantly remember Christ and the teachings in the scriptures!! I also started the Book of Mormon over and 1 nephi 2:5 stuck out. They traveled to the red sea, 180 miles, not a three day journey, like 12-14! And 3 days on top of that, cuz that's the Law of Moses, three day travel to have a sacrifice and build an altar! Love the history of the sciptures! It's so fun to study!! :)  But as for my week here is some details!
Monday- Elder Peart left to the mission office, and flew out Tuesday so I was in another tripanionship. Elder Hayes and Wignal had another baptism and I talked on the Holy Ghost and then we went to Little Tokyo after to celebrate!
Tuesday- Did some service in the morning scraped and cleaned the yard and driveway area.. to show our neighbors we are trying to do good and not just be those annoying missionaries that are up early and always up and about! I think it helped a lot! Actually, I know it! And it was great fun, I miss working!!! I got picked up right after that by my senior couple, the Wrights. We had a long drive into Kingston and got there about 4. They took us to lunch at BK and had a training meeting at 5! It was very good, totally lifted my spirits, but I was still nervous to be training again! We stayed at the Assistant's house.. they picked up the new guys and they stayed there as well! Got to meet them all before transfers, and guess what, my boy Elder England from the MTC is back! Love that, such a great example!! So 4 new guys came in.
Wednesday- Woke up got ready, studied. then drove around with the zone leaders as they picked people up and moved things around for transfers. The meeting started at 4 and I am training a guy named Elder England!! I get my boy! My brother!! So sick! So excite! and so ready to do some work!! We had another long car ride home.. and the Wrights bought us pizza! Very nice people! It's like having grandparents on the mish! .. at least that's what they say!! Got home at 9:30 and planned.
Thursday- Went to work!! Didn't get much done, Elder England had something going on with him. He was weak and couldn't bike far without feeling hot and tingly inside and wasn't breathing well. Weird, but it hasn't happened again. On top of his bike problems, we didn't get much done, but we stayed positive through it!!
Friday- We picked up Sis. Reed as a referral. We're having a hard time teaching her cuz she throws in Hallelujah and Praise the Lord all the time. I hate it, but whatever, that's how she has grown up. Hard to break a habit at 78! She is cool though and we're teaching the grandkids as well! She has had a hard time believing there are prophets today, but we will get there.
Saturday- We went back to Sis Reeds and  helped her with yard work and we got a tour of her awesome land/farm! Ate so much! Had banana, coconut, sugar cane, guava , june plum, grapefruit, oranges, gunip, and she showed us her chickens, quail and all sorts of good vegetables! She's set!!! Lucky kids! That was good.
Sunday- By far the greatest day! Thursday we talked to Oniel about faith and we challenged him to be at church no matter what. We told him we would walk with him. Now it's a 50 min bike ride so bout a 3.5 hour walk! He said "lets do it"! So we planned to leave the house at 5. We got a text at 4:32. This guy got up at 3, got ready, and caught a ride with like the only person awake in the road. He was at the church at 5 so we got dressed, hurried down there, and watched conference and videos from til church started! This guy put 1 nephi 3:7 to the test!! Love that man! Someone also gave him fare to go home! God loves us and WILL provide a way!! So awesome! After that 8 hours of church all 3 of us were spiritually overloaded! But what a great day! Being a missionary is so great, so hard, so rewarding. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm thankful for this opportunity to learn and grow! Thankful for everyone's support! Love you, have a much awesome week. Liccamor.
Elder Wilkerson
Elder Wilkerson and Elder England after a wonderful rainy Sabbath.

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