Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

  We had an amazing week ! It was a lot of hard work, but soo soo worth it!! We had zone meeting this Wednesday, the focus was on working with the members, getting referrals from them. But before we can do that we have to build their faith to do the work! So the focus was on bringing out their testimony. We share some lesson for like 5 minutes then the next hour we focus on them!! Getting them feeling comfortable bringing up the gospel with their friends, setting plans and following up with them. Obviously some people need a lot more building up than others so it might be a few visits before we get the referrals, but that's fine by me! President Brown said "we are the trench men" the missionaries who follow us are going to have it easy. Our job is to dig deep and bring the testimonies sprouting out of the members. Blood, sweat, and tears in our planning so that we have a member at every lesson possible so they are growing while the investigator is growing! So that was our focus this week! The members we choose to work with was Bro. Beckford( just got his mission call- will be out in Jamaica next transfer), Bro Miles, Sis Gayle, Sis Murdock, and Sis Roach! and just from the small amount, 8 lessons that we had with members present, the progress increased so much!! We had 4 investigators at church, 3 progressing, and one getting baptized next sunday morning!! We might be down at the beach this sunday if we're still out of water for Oniel's baptism!!! Also have an interview for Elder Carter and Barker this next week! So the district is doing awesome! Shereca is lined up for Nov 2nd, and Saffia is lined up for the 9th along with Sarina (Annyias cousin). We are teaching a lot of people in that yard now! So hopefully this will help Annyia get baptized!! President Brown also came up on sunday to re-organize our presidency. Pres Blake is now the 2nd counselor in the mission and Pres Robinson is the new president here in Sav! He will do great! He spoke in all the classes I was in! Gosh, I love listening to him! Some things that stuck out that he said are: "are we being covenant keepers or ordinance doers" and also in priesthood he was talking about priesthood duties can all be summed up into one word " ministering" like 80% ministering and 20% ADministering! Really slammed down with D&C 121: 34-46! So great! So true and awesome! Well, that's kinda the week in a wrap! Wait! Oniel also exercised some great faith this week as well! He was praying for a way to come to church, and the following night he had a dream that someone would bring him the money and God told him that he would provide a way for him always if he would just do what he wants him to do! So he woke up on sunday went outside, he was sitting on his porch and a guy came by asked him how he was doing. He said "not too well, I want to go to church." The man said, "well I had a feeling to come over here and give you fare, I don't know why, I guess you gotta get to church have a great day! Whatcha!! So there you have it and I think everything that was said was just perfect for him and he is so stoked for his baptism so let's hope the interview goes irie!
Well, some fun things of the week I'll send pics:
-cinnamon challenge against Elder Hayes.... I Won! ( might check out youtube, if you want to see epic failures!)
-mac and oat table for between the beds!
-haven't found out a punishment yet, but house goal to stop saying "freak, suck, shoot, anything really negative" so we say like wow and great when things go wrong now!
-used frozen popsicles in a lesson!
-people gave us 6 coconuts this week! mhmm I looove coconut water.. and the coconut itself ain't too bad!
This week was so fantastic, I love being a missionary! I'm learning so much and having a great time doing it! Of course there are mountains to climb, and rivers to cross, but it's making us stronger each and everyday! Love you all so much! Talk to you next week!
Elder Wilkerson


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