Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Well, the week was good. I spent two days in Mobay (Montego Bay) for a Zone Leader trade off! I thought I wanted to be in a truck during my mission! So thankful for that oppurtunity cuz I was sooo tired at the end of each day! I also felt lazy! But interesting experience, we got fed by some tourists, white guys. One actually served his mission here in 91-93 so that was cool! Great meal as well! I would give you details why they were down here, but they actually are the real CIA, haha! We had some great lessons there though and learned some new things! We did have Oniel's baptism this week. We filled up the tank and cleaned the church and got it all ready Saturday for the baptism at 8 Sunday morning. At 7:30 we arrive and the tank is empty! Wow Satan, thanks! So the next 30 minutes we ran the fire hose in and buckets from the spicket with an assembly line to fill the tank, haha! Oppostition at every baptism, but it makes it great I guess! :) If things go well, Saffia will be baptized this week and Shereca the next! Both are member referrals - that's the way the work must progress!! Things are going well. In this up coming week on saturday we have a "heart and hands" service project! It involves all the community in Sav! It's a non-proselyting thing, but afterwards suppose to reap some results so excited to see what will happen there! That's about all for the week.. it was long, feels like it has been a month! I'll attach some pics of some cool things this week! Love you all so so much!
Elder Wilkerson
Oniel's baptism

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