Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

The week has been an eventful one indeed. Wednesday we had zone conference and it was sooo great!! I took tons of notes.  Forgot to bring my highlights of things said, but a lot of them made it to my quote wall! Talked lots about how we gotta be more obedient, Pres. Brown said we don’t have  time for disobedience! And Elder Holland said obedience is the first law of anything! So true! We talked about faith to find, and with that D&C 58: 9-12 talking ‘bout building up a stake first we need the noble, leaders, and the rich! It’s true even though sometimes it’s hard to say! We need the rich first! People bringing into the church and not always taking out, even though those people are the ones that are most receptive to the message. Going to have to put an extra effort on finding the leaders. People who have jobs and can start to build up the kingdom.! But we also talked a lot ‘bout Stakes. Sounds like in the next 6 months Spanish Town will be making the first stake on the island followed by Mandeville district and either Hopeton or Sav! With that we can get us a temple in the next 3 years!! It is obtainable!  A scripture that really stuck out was 3 Nephi 22:1-2.  We are barren in Jamaica, but lengthen the cords, give more, be better, we got stake(s) to build!!! We did role plays for the last hour... I hate roleplays.. BUT after that and President Brown was in our little 4 man group .. I think roleplays are growing on me. It’s not about the acting it’s all about doing it right, getting the bad out!!! Afterwards, we went to KFC!  Favorite time! Not because of the food, but because every other chair you have a missionary and people want to know who we are and what’s going on. We walk out of there with everyone with something to read or study and 30 referrals!! Soo cool!
Thursday we met with branch president Blake and his family for dinner- curry goat and rice! Really good. I realized this week that he doesn’t trust missionaries. He had a terrible experience with them as we found out on Tuesday as we visited a less active that was a reason an elder went home. He was so disobedient, and I realized how wack this mission use to be, but we gained his trust back starting with less actives and talking ‘bout how to help him and what he wants done with the branch and at the end he was like.. “you know, I got some people I want you to see”.. referrals! His brother! A couple doctors and a lawyer! Whaaat!?! Finding the rich, haha, super awesome. 
Still was struggling with the companionship. Friday we had a great sit down and found out he isn’t enjoying his mission and kinda wants to go home.  He doesn’t see the point. Guess I gotta be more sensitive there and see what we can do! Elder Cornish, when he came out, said if you aren’t enjoying your mission you are doing something wrong! But we will see what we can do!! One of the guys we saw at KFC we went to see on Saturday. Jeez, it was a 50 minute hard core bike ride! Glad the Lord blessed us with fully functioning bikes both ways! Seems way solid. We are headed up that way today cuz there is like a cool river waterfall area I guess. We are all gonna check it out! Sunday was great, 5 people showed up without invite and just really shows that He is pushing His work forward!! Excited for another great week in the vineyard! Love you all. Have a Fantastic Week!
Elder Wilkerson
Nun Tryd Nun Dun!

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