Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 19, 2013

YO! Good morning! Well, it turns out all of my pics were wiped other than like the first 100 so like MTC pics! Super lame, but it's happened to like every missionary I have talked to, guess that's what you get when your in Jamaica! Ha, no prob though, I mean sent most of them in to you guys! The meeting was good with elder Cornish!  I didn't drive. Elder Odendails license expired so his companion was learning to drive. He had been driving the manual for just a few days and since we were squeezed 7 people in a little L200, I drove clutch for him for the 4 hour drive cuz he was just struggling a ton! So he just had to drive and we never killed it!! Companionship unity!! Wow, I can't believe school is back in either! It starts Wednesday here as well. Before we know it though, it will be summer again!! But speaking of school, I am thinking 'bout it as well. Studying and learning isn't all that bad. I will PROBABLY go back to school when I get home.. MAYBE!! haha ! Well this week has been another slow one concerning the work due to all the meetings and such, but still finished solid!! I made waffles for breakfast every morning this week, trying to eat more healthy and workout! Went to look to buy weights this week, yah right!!! They want $9600 for ONE 25 lbs dumbbell! That's so horse!! But still doing the basics and this week I have already lost an inch on my gut!! I almost made it 6 months without chopping yard, but did on Tuesday!! It is the dumbest thing I have ever done! Took like 2 hours with 3 guys to chop a yard that would take like 5 minutes to mow! HUGE blisters on my hands right now! So dumb! Same day poured rain again, not to miss the fact that it has been raining for 20 days straight now!! It's on and off, but can't go a day with out some!! Wednesday we went and taught Mr. Duejon at his bar. He is an atheist that hates Christians and his daughter and wife are our investigators that we can't see again til we get things straightened out with him! The lesson we had with him was good and he at least trusts us now and bought us some cran-wata cuz we turned down his rum, ha. Interesting, but went well! Thursday we left to the Junction Elder's house where we stayed the night, didn't sleep too well on the floor and it was super cold!!! Got into the high 70's!! But got up early, left at 7 to drive another 2.5 hrs. to Spanish town for the meeting! Had the training meeting first which was good just talking bout some little things and how things are going and the difficulties of the ones training currently and after that meeting we had a district leader meeting with elder Cornish and president brown! They just slammed down on us! Our expectations are terrible and got to step up the work. The goal is 300 baptisms annually and we only have 130!! The statistics were terrible, Jamaica Kingston is like you have to get 39 new investigators just to get one baptism!! Terrible! But they are upping the EXPECTATIONS! But someone has to do it first! Like the 4 minute mile, no one thought you could break it, but when someone did, Everyone Did!! So we will do the same thing in this mission. Our goal is 6-10 baptisms per month per companionship!! Got to step up the work!! Also got rebuked for not wearing tops and bottoms and just lounging around in our Jesus jammys, So Hutt! Then had a 5 hour drive back from the meeting!! Saturday was great, saw lots of less actives and just making up for lost time!! I'm excited for next week, this one was kind of a drag.. still have 3 progressing though. Steve, Kareen and Annyia. Annyia should have been baptized this week, but we are having problems with her mom. Got to get her  permission, hopefully her heart will soften!! Much Love!
Probably favorite scripture of the week: D&C 127:4
Favorite quote: So What?! - Boyd K. Packer.
Elder Wilkerson
99 Aint Good Enough

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