Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

Hello Everyone!  My waterfall experience was terrible... because we are white they think they can scam us!! We ain’t dumb, they only got 450 but it shoulda been free. We were biking up and this guy started following us on his motor bike and was giving us directions we said we were fine, but in the end he got the money!  Something wrong in this pic! plus they had nothing posted for fees and no uniforms but I did get some cool pics. We didn’t get to go in the caves or anything too awesome, they wanted 1500 each! That’s enough money for a week of food! No Sir!
Tuesday was awesome!  We really only had two lessons due to a crazy amount of rain! Steve! He came to church and said I want to learn more. We had a two hour discussion on the restoration. It was so outta order, but following the spirit it was so what he wanted and needed to hear! He learned tons and was shocked we had other scripture! He is just a boss! We learned a bit too! He said something profound I wanna share with you! We are HUMAN BEANS! We have to grow are bean (spirit) to overcome our natural man!! Oh sick! That’s the coolest! Wednesday had district meeting talking about obedience and teaching and finding by the spirit!! Went out and applied it with Elder Groesbeck as we did a trade off!  The worst part is it was still pouring rain, we walked down to get a taxi and they wouldn’t let us in because we were TOO WET! Lame sauce, we had to wait for a hatchback and sit in the trunk for a 45 min taxi ride to white house. Sis. Drummond picked us up there and off we go to her huge house with a Michael Jackson portrait in side! She’s loaded, from England and her grandson from England wants to be baptized so we were teaching him the plan of salvation! Just a solid kid, 2 weeks and 150 pages in Book of Mormon! Came back and taught Marcia. She works in the market. It was so loud, but the spirit was so strong cuz we just all focused up and read Mosiah 5! They got a couple baptisms coming on as do we!!  Thurday we had a great talk with Camille bout p.o.s and she gave like the most sincere like 5 min prayer which is great for an investigator! Wow! Solid family, hope to see them at church this week! Friday Still RAINING! All week! I wanted to say all freaking week right there.. but trying to get that out of my vocabulary cuz no one thought to tell us white people in Jamaica that’s the same as saying another f word! Just great! I don’t know how many times I said that in lessons, no wonder they listened so well. I was so serious, haha! Saturday we took a taxi to Grange Hill to see some less actives! Bro. Williams is one  that sticks out the most. Gotta figure out how to help the guy. He works 12 acres of cane that he owns.. what a tuff job, only get paid annually! I should learn how to budget from him!! But speaking of finance, on top of getting scammed on Monday, Elder Groesbeck got his money stolen bout 10,000 on Monday as well so my spendings might be a little wack this month, gotta help my MTC brotha out!! Sunday went well. The topic was temple work and temple marriage and stuff! Ashlee the atheist has everyone convinced that I speak like Kronk from Emperor’s New Groove! So that is weird, haha, I don’t see it but whatever!! But Sunday we started teaching some Jehovah Witnesses and they are hard to convince with their other bible and stuff, but we found the formula to get them. Haha, picked up 3 new investigators, here it is.. start with a bible bash+ plan of salvation+ temples+ bible and Book Of mormon+ 1 hour worth of time= Bingo!! 3 new investigators that are convinced what we teach is true! They have been studying with JW for 3 years and when questions arose they always told them don’t worry ‘bout it, but we say pray ‘bout it and taught them some answers they were looking for!! Wow, love this gospel. The work is going slow but steady!! Tuesday I’m doing a trade off to Negril, hopefully I’ll get some cool beach pics?! And Thursday I get to go see Elder Cornish again for a training meeting, hmm wonder what that means. Oh, and I might have to drive the truck to Kingston cuz no one else can drive stick and the one driving got in a wreck and got driving privileges taken away! So, uhh, a little scared, but he will make it happen!! Looking forward to this week and hopefully no rain! Took some videos trying to capture the thunder, it is unbelievably loud! Something you just gotta experience! Have a great week yall!!
Love you much
Elder WIlkerson
Nun Tryd Nun Dun! 

P.S.  You can’t trust the computers down here. I think it just threw a virus on my memory stick ,so I’ll try again next week, but it just deleted some of my pics! It’s been happening to everyone. At least I didn’t lose them all :)! Sorry for that, pics are always fun!! Maybe next time. That’s all for now folks!

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