Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

 I took some of your thoughts from it and formed it into my spiritual thought for district meeting. I was given 5 minutes but it turned into like a 30 minute presentation. It definitely was the highlight of my studies this week and I had many good ones! But my theme was taken from a quote " sometimes we expect million dollar answers to ten cent prayers". Some of what we talked about I’ll share with you. Pouring out your soul: the only way I could describe it is like an ice machine in a freezer. Your soul is the bin where it collects, the ice maker is God’s many revelations he is waiting to pour in! But until you press your faith jar up to the dispenser and don't POUR it out, he can’t feed you more! The problem is though as we are in Jamaica is it’s super hot and the ice that is in our faith jar melts. And since our faith doesn't last forever we have a crack in our jar. The problem or trouble is when we aren't repeatedly and consistently pouring ice into our faith jar, we can run out. And we all know the opposite of faith is fear, doubt, loss of hope and discouragement. So what should we pour out from our soul? Well Alma 34 talks about much that you can, but I like to bring Preach my Gospel into the spotlight and invite you all to read page 94. Pouring out your soul is work! If we truly did every night it would take a while, but the blessings are sweet! Enos is one example. I would say Ammon and his brethren another. When we speak openly and honestly with Our Father, cuz he already knows what we need, but there is power as we say the words and align our will with his will! And really as we continually pour out our faith jar can freeze over and stay full! But just like working out, prayer is One of the steps to have a strong spiritual side. Just like curling might get you some big biceps, but you got to do it all! We have to be balanced!! This is one great step to help us see each night where we are, where to improve, and then set goals and make plans with your maker and then when we wake up , we review and we go out and execute them! I learned nuff from that study. The scriptures are so cool. The more I read them the more I know I have to study! So much to learn. And still learning that attitude is essential. Alma 26 has been another hot study! So cool to see the vilest of sinners turning into great prophets and amazing missionaries as they push through their hard times with faith and hope and a determined love and recognition to their God! Without we are nothing! 
So other than that, we have been taking the youth out teaching a lot! We borrowed some of the driving missionaries’ bikes and used some food money to get some parts for the Pearts’ and that has been great. Fellowship and love is so key for conversion. With those this week we got Marlon to church who is progressing and Georgia came right after sacrament.. just a tad late! We got some other great things happening, but just to see the light in the ward becoming more bright is super! 
Well, transfers is next week Wednesday. Of course we get calls this Saturday to determine where. But we had interviews on Tuesday and Pres. Brown said its time for me to leave.  I asked “will I still be on a bike?”, and he said "you can still ride your bike". Ha, so that's all I have for you! Have a great week, love all of you! God Bless! 

Elder Wilkerson

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