Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

Many amazing things are happening here in JA!!  The 1st temple trip was this last week! 189 Jamaicans going to the temple (in Dominican Republic)! About 100 youth doing baptisms for the dead for over 1200 names!! That is super! The spirit has been drenching us here in Jamaica! Both the temple trip, families being sealed and preparations for a stake with one of the 12 apostles coming June 7&8. Things are happening, no doubt! Another great resource we had this week was a popular tv show down here called 'Religious Hard talk'. I have yet to watch it! Supposedly, the office is getting us some copies! But President Brown and a member from Spanish Town and Portmore, they threw down and really blessed our missionary efforts! We got picked up in two cars this week from people saying something like "hey, you are those Christian Mormons right, get in, where are you going??" Boom, new investigator with a car and job and eager to learn. Thank goodness for broken bicycles!!! Lots of people being led to us and let’s just say we are happy! But standing with Gordon B Hinckley: "It is good, but it is not enough, with considerate effort we double these numbers". Awesome. It is happening. 
Brandon is looking to get baptized May 3rd we have his interview tomorrow at 5! Georgia’s should be the following due to health issues with her and her family! And then we continue.. many potential baptisms to look forward to, but to get there we must work harder and better! It’s been rough reaching the arrival point, but thankfully we have transfers this next week. A fresh approach, fresh view and ideas. 
This week we have been really working through investigators to find new people to teach. Even if the contact doesn’t go to us, we are all on the same team and are finding some solid people. 
So yep, think that is all I have to report on today. Life is good. Bless up!
Elder Wilkerson
i think this is the link for MORMONISM HARD TALK CHECK IT!!! :D

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