Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

This week was really a great one. Elder Carter really evaluated our efforts and the work picked up! Crazy how that works! But this week really was blessed. We picked up some great new investigators -  2 from a street contact and one of course a referral from the Peart family! Great member missionaries! We got to meet a few times with Georgia and it looks like she will make her baptism for this weekend! We have her interview today with President Brown! We finally got to meet with Kimone again and Natasha as well.. they have become good friends and go to institute together.  Once one of them accepts baptism, the other probably will as well! But Georgia is so pumped and made many good changes! Her husband came to church on Sunday and some other family coming around! We have done service over there and hearts are softening, we soon get them man!!
 Working at Pres. Singh's (former Branch President)
 We finally got in the homes of some less actives this week! I don’t know how endowed members can be so stubborn! Man it kills me! Mosiah 4:10 was favorite scripture this week! If you believe these things.. see that you DO them!! Action is such a tough thing these days aint it. Living in a world where we just want hand outs. Read a cool talk bout this problem this week. How we still have to do something to get the blessing and help of the Lord. Found it on by David A Bednar- entitled "in the Strength of the Lord". We should ask for strength and not for things to be taken away!
Elder Lacey left Thursday morning. It was great to have him and have some more encouragement especially since Elder Carter was sick Tuesday and Wednesday, good to have someone to talk to! 
Nuff love! Bless up!

Elder Wilkerson!

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