Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! It was a pretty average! I tried to make shore no one knew cuz the big thing in Jamaica is to dump flour on people for birthday celebration. We went to a FHE at the end of the night and got leafed instead of floured by the Peart family.. but their son, Kanniel’s birthday is Tuesday and I’m flouring him even though he played nice :) We didn’t have any investigators at church so it was a good sacrament meeting to use to reflect on our efforts and make goals for the next week! We had lunch at Sis. Mac’s house and Elder Martin’s family came so it was good to sit down with them for the last time! He goes home today and the church will re-evaluate him in 30-60 days to see when he is ready to come back out! But his memory is good, just doesn’t remember being hit or spending anytime in the hospital! It will be exciting to see him come back out!! But to celebrate, our great land lady cooked us dinner and some potato puddin, and sang the birthday song! Woo woo, I’m out of the pampers now I guess!
We didn’t get much done this week, Elder Carter has been sick. but I enjoyed some extra study and reflecting time. We had some good lessons with members and will probably contact members to contact those referrals this week! We also had a service project for the less active Copeland family and replaced their roof! Hopefully that softened some hearts and we can get the rest of the family really moving forward, if not we will have to drop them soon.
We have some good stuff planned for this week, but a lot of our time is being held up. Sister and Elder Murdock are using us at the Salvation Army to help with some wheelchair project on Saturdays and Thursdays for next two weeks! I guess reactivation is our big thing! We have got 3 back since I have been here and several others on and off, just need to solid them up! Not a whole lot to report on this week, Ashani and Lucky were out of town most of the week. Ashani is our most progressing, but struggling with church and word of wisdom and Lucky we just have a hard time meeting with, but teaching her the plan of salvation tomorrow! I guess the greatest thing this week was studies.. did much studying about putting off the natural man (Mosiah 2:41) and fearing God more than man (D&C 3:7), fasting and started into the New Testament to dig deep! All have been super helpful and will be of great benefit to gain back desire and bring purpose to keep moving forward! Opposition in all things, but must endure to the end, wonderful studies for the less actives and insightful to me! As long as at the end of each day I can say I look forward to tomorrow I know all is well! Love you. Take it easy!
Elder WIlkerson

Getting "Leafed" at Peart Family Home Evening

Sis Green x2 (landlord) and son CJ and my potato pudding.

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