Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

Elder Martin is doing great for the wreck he was. He is out of the hospital and has the staples out of his head. He and his parents are staying with a member in our area and is just on tons of medication. He is up for like an hour a day in 20 minute intervals just for more medication, but said he will make a miraculous recovery thankfully. 
Well, the work, it’s... moving. Probably went up like a degree this past week, but baby steps til we get going. Neither of us really understand the area, but we are working with many less actives still and always finding more, and it’s awesome to see how many are willing to come back. We all need a little nudge or reminder at some point! This week church was in Spanish Town! We had probably our last District Conference as for next time we should be a Stake!!! So that was really exciting for the people! Every stinkin chair was full. Every missionary was standing up, every aisle was full of folding chairs and we finally pulled out little primary chairs and put in the foyer. Over a thousand people there!! The power went out for about 10 minutes, but we just cracked the windows and kept rolling!! The spirit was so strong! The main jiff of the meeting was once again focused on missionary work and we aint done yet, we got nuff work to do! Elder Gamiet from the area seventy spoke on how we must be doing the basics in the gospel and then tithing and other commandments. Simple but powerful! Crazy how the spirit does that!! Also talked about how every quarter they will be chartering a plane to Dominican Republic for the temple trips and how this trip they have over 1000 ancestor Jamaican temple names to do at the temple! Very cool!!! So we didn’t have any investigators at church, but we had a couple less actives make the stretch. This week was great for teaching though! Really strived to have a member everywhere we went and it went well til the weekend! Ashani is on date for the 28th, his friend’s birthday that introduced him to the church. He might not make that date due to his church attendance, but he is our most progressing right now, just solid! Lucky is Najay’s yard name, pet name, or nickname some would call it. It gets kinda confusing when we are looking for people that we don’t have a face to recognize, but it’s normal. She is doing good. She keeps commitments, has great fellowship, and loves church. She’s just hard to meet with due to school.. but we gotta keep trying especially cuz if we get her we can get access to the rest of her less active family! Copeland’s have been sick most of this week, but we are doing a huge service project at that house on Saturday so with lots of branch affiliation I have no worries that they soon progress! We had an investigator move and we are going to try and pick up our landlords sister who is staying down here for a bit from Canada.. she is a dry Mormon.. but a strong apostalic! So yah.. that’s pretty much our teaching pool. We got some referrals to dig up this week. We got high hopes but just need a liccamor faith/action from us and members. Straightening out a lot of kinks, but loving the trials and things being learned! Love you all! 
Elder WIlkerson

p.s. Don’t ever try to order pizza in Jamaica. It takes 45 minutes just to get the order right.. :) .. and they still get it wrong.
Most progressing investigator when i left Sav! My boy Ricardo!
Elder England, Ricardo, Bro Miles, and Elder Hunt

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