Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013

 Maxine's baptism.  Niccola Campbell is the one in the blue shirt.
Whoa, where did the week go!!?! it feels like Wednesday! Yes, Maxine’s baptism went well. She asked me to baptize and I had to only dunk her twice cuz her foot popped up a lil!  It went so well though!  Her friend, Niccola Campbell, she is the one that referred her to us and she spoke on baptism.  It was so spiritual and I cried.. imagine that.. ha! But yes, it was great! Oh I miss all the sports, even baseball sounds fun right now!! We play games every family home evening on Monday, that’s about all the fun we have for activities, but we did play monopoly after emailing last week and Elder Hamilton tried to get them to work against me, but I’m sorry I haven’t been humbled yet!  That’s my game and I win! :) They held a huge primary fun day for the whole district which we helped prepare while we were filling up the font on Friday cuz it takes like 3 hrs to fill. That was a lot of fun. I don’t remember anything like that back home, but it was a lot of fun out here and just getting to know the branch more!!  Sounds like you guys are having some fun camping!  I don’t even wanna think about camping... along with the mosquitos that are out here they are so much more vicious!  I have new bites everyday! Elder Shurtlif got bit by a spider out here and we had to take him to the hospital and get two shots in the butt (cuz they don’t do the arm out here) to take down the swelling- soooo gotta watch out for spiders!! Next p day we are planning a trip to Ochi so maybe will get some awesome pics there. I hear it is really pretty out there! Not too much new down here! Got another baptism coming up in two weeks, his name is Rick, he is a boss! Studies and asks questions that are so deep -  he’s awesome!!  We are at the point now we need to find some new people.  We had quite a bit and were doing good,  but two progressing investigators moved and one got locked up for breaking his girlfriend’s jaw and stabbing her... Never saw that out of him, he was such a nice kid.  The week has been great. Church was so spiritual yesterday.  The theme this month is on temples and it was just awesome!  We are working with a lot of less actives and it’s really sad -  some we go see and they haven’t been visited by the branch in like over 15 years... missionary work is pointless if we can’t hold the fruits so we do tons there and personally I would be content doing less active work my whole mission!  But in the next 3 transfers we have 25 new missionaries coming in so like everyone will be training soon! And lots of leadership will be opening cuz ‘bout 12 going home that are like zone leaders and district leaders right now! Pretty nuts but exciting! Elder Cornish from the seventy is coming on the 31st to speak so way exciting there! And yah, that’s about it for the week! Nothing too exciting but it was a great week nonetheless!!  Love you all! 

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