Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 27, 2013

 Burger Grande!
 Three month cake with Elder Nelson.
 Elder Faimuii and banana cake - YUM!
 My mission father, Elder Hamilton.
Drinking coconut water with investigator, Ricky.

HEY!  Wow, 3 months today!!! Gosh, it totally feels like it, but at the same time I’m 1/8 done, that’s crazy!! Well, this week was great. We did a lot of street contacting. At first I wasn’t comfortable with it at all! I was like gospel retarded and now I’m getting the hang of it and it’s just interesting and really fun to talk to random people and try to help them understand and maybe pick them up as a new investigator! We are starting to teach a Jehovah Witness, we hear they are hard to convert, but I feel good about this one! Also started teaching a 7th day, they are rough too and know the Bible so well, but it’s been fun!  This week we started working with everyone in the Kelly’s yard or Mama Lee's yard. We got in a little fun loving argument that turned around on us and even though joking, they joke with no easement of pain! I got the belt to the face and a stick to the back, it was an intense battle but for the victory or 4 new investigators and getting super comfortable with that yard and letting them know, you know we are real people who have fun and not just teaching, preaching robots!! Taught the lesson in gospel principles on repentance today! They love playing hangman so that’s how we always start and we hung the man. They had a hard time guessing the word-  my words were YOURE AWESOME, haha, but the lesson was so good, haha .. that sounds humble.  But it was full of participation and I read a story at the end, if you haven’t heard it look it up, it’s called  “The file room”. Makes me cry everytime, but brings the spirit so strong! Was a great day! So today being my 3 month mark and forgetting that on celebration days in Jamaica they flour people on their birthday, or on their 3 MONTH marks, I got floured in the shower today!!  Followed by some cake Elder Faimuii and Elder Nelson brought over that my great father, Elder Hamilton, got me with a bag of bag juice!! Haha, pretty sweet dude!!  Oh goodness my finances are just off the wall.  This week was just rough- my bike axel broke had to get that fixed costing $2500, had to buy propane to cook with $3000.  Had to use my card a lot on top of groceries and hopefully survive this week cuz I’m outta money and we have to taxi and spend all Wednesday and Friday out in Kingston cuz Elder Cornish from the seventy is coming to talk to us!! So excited get to see Everyone on the island-  gonna be like Christmas!!  Oh so food this week was like awesome!!  Made A LOT of burger Grandes, and BLTs on pita bread with REAL CHEESE and BACON!!! Sooooo DELICIOUS!!! Also got a little work-out gear together! I got a huge like 10 gal propane tank for lifting, I guess some 6 gal water jugs a curling bar and stuff its super RedNEck. I’ll have to send some pics! But it feels good, being fat just isn’t awesome, okay!! Transfer calls in two weeks?! Gosh it’s crazy, leaders keep coming up and asking me if I’m ready to train next transfer. Hope it’s just rumors, but I don’t know!!! I love mission life, it’s awesomeee!!  Love you all, have a fantastic week!!! 

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