Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

This week has been neat once more. I do strongly believe attitude decides the day. You choose if it a good day or if it’s______. You pick. But after we got done emailing we had to go to Bro Lee’s watch shop in the middle of Samsharpe Square. And guess what happened? Well, we ran into these crrazzzzy bible bashing... children of God. Just a bit confused. Elder Whitlock had warned me of these gentlemen. So we get down there and these old, wrinkly, long bearded, nerdy looking dudes come running towards us with cards and pamphlets... I knew what to do.. kept walking! The other 3 stopped and that was the down fall of our next 30 minutes. Many different religions meet here to preach their beliefs in Christ, all very cool with each other but when it comes to Mormons they team up against us. The main preaching is “we are saved by grace”- unless we are a Mormon!  But just like Lawrence E Corbridge said in conference, look for the biggest dust cloud and there you will find the truth. You got it. These guys ripped into us for the dumbest things. Like you worship the wrong Jesus cuz you believe he is the brother of Satan. And mostly things pointing back to the one thing they are to read and pray about, but went wherever they wanted and by the end the truth prevails. We got talking about the authority and truth. They said you get authority from the bible or the word, but long story short it was real fun and each time they think they are tearing us down it’s just the opposite. You get the opportunity to bear your testimony and the spirit confirms that much stronger! It’s neat- you get what you give!
Tuesday we saw Michelle again. She is doing really good. She is like the only person we got to keep out of our teaching pool so we got to do lots of contacting that day and meet many, many members! 
Wednesday. You know what is. Transfers. Driving or I guess I should say riding all day. It was my turn to relax. Except we had a route to Sav this time. We got to past through Blackriver and see the ocean view there. Got some good pics.. sorry I haven’t sent any... need to get to a safe computer that doesn’t have viruses and we will send them! 
Thursday we settled in the Sisters, so now I get to join my father in sleeping on the floor. We gave the Sisters our stuff, cuz theirs didn’t come in yet. So hopefully tomorrow we will be back on board. But it was cool, we got to help the Sisters learn their area, and take them to many members and the investigators. They really are great. Sister Wilkinson and Hudson go home with our group next transfer and Sister Schwendiman has been out 10 months. Stellar missionaries. They have Kevin progressing and a part member family! And we have Michelle progressing and the other Elders almost have a few as well. Actually the whole zone is doing fairly well! Much more than any I have been here!
Friday we got a gym pass and also did more contacting in our area. Met some elect people, very educated and successful. Our area now is very nice and far out so we are forced to knock some millionaire houses. Challenging, stretching, and quite fun. You know that they are great when they have one of the few Chevy trucks in JA. 
Saturday was a different story, we had tons planned, but an emergency happened in Negril where we needed to get an Elder to the hospital. Well, I wasn’t driving so you can ask me how we got there some other time! And what happened;) But needless to say the missionary is doing well and will recover well. bBt we did get to Negril in 30 minutes.... that ruined all the rest of the day. 
Sunday was a blast! We had those white people from Doterra essential oil company, the people that started the company. Learned some amazing things from them. We also are scheduled to see them again at their hotel this week, they are bringing over 100 people to church next week!!! REFERRALS FOR DAYS!!! Haha, and they are staying in our area!! Haahah! But church was a blast, lots of investigators there(blame it on the Sisters) that’s the joke. When they come. Church full. When they leave. Church empty! But great classes and a great branch missionary meeting after. I’m excited for all that is happening in this work! I can’t believe it, the only down fall and regret I have is I can’t give as much as I am taking away from it, but trying to!!! We also received some referrals from the 1st counselor in the Branch Presidency that took up our night to contact, but they are solid. One is a 7th day pastor’s daughter.... they always are like the country songs. rebellious. Haha! But she is intelligent same way! But short email today I know.. we got to prepare for a district leader training tomorrow. We have been invited to speak on follow up calls for 40 mins. Should be really good and then we have zone meeting next week! Love you, have a great week ya ere!! Bless up.

Elder Wilkerson

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