Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

Devon House Park
Flouring th Relief Society Pres./Landlord, Sis. Green

 This week was great!! I’ve honestly learned that God knows all his children. Things they have been through, people they need to become, make and shift them into what he wants if we only allow him!! And so many are heeding his promptings and thankfully we have been willing to listen! This week we took a leap of faith.. had to pretty much drop our teaching pool... not quite ready, or doing the things required to produce a testimony! I know some of them soon will be ready!! They just need a reality check. But our main source of finding this week, was working in less active yards and in member yards.. find any little act of service and help! It was slow in the words of lessons taught, but we washed several times and talked to many people!! People are willing to listen when they know you care! Monday of course we floured the relief society president and working with her less active husband. Tuesday we washed and found a few ladies in the less active Burrell family yard. Washed with Tameka, Monique, and Donna. Of course we get teased at first cuz you don’t see whiteman washing every day!! And it gathered quite the crowd and was able to have a lesson after 2 hours of wash and they accepted a date for the 9th of March! Fantastic! Also found the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants to be true this week.. talking bout "it is not meet that my elders be moving swiftly, while people are perishing in unbelief!" We left some time in between appointments to hand out a pamplet between each lesson! Pretty cool! Faith+works=miracles! Great equation in the work of salvation! Wednesday was a fun day! We didn’t have district meeting due to transfers so we took that empty time slot to find the top of our area. We rode to Norburry, bout 5 km ride, nothing too bad other than it was steeeeep!! But we were looking for a less active up there and stopped and asked this yard worker guy for some directions. We got talking to him and turns out we were sitting right in front of SEAN PAUL’S mansion!! Haha, we were talking to his yard keeper. And hopefully this week we can go back and teach him.. pretty sweet! I will get a pic of his house this week! As for the less active, we couldn’t get to him due to hefty security! We will keep trying. Also might teach the security guard! Next we found Georgia through a member, very large family that believes wherever you worship, as long as you are worshipping God, its good enough. Got some work to do, but at least a willing spirit! Also met again with the Peart’s to teach Jovis and Natasha bout the Book of Mormon and to prepare for baptism and marriage by March 23rd! Probably have to push back, but they are so into the studies! Awesome, awesome pouring out of the spirit of the Lord! Then another less active family home evening with this huge yard playing scripture charades! Probably a Jamaican favorite so far! Nuff involvement! But needless to say the rest of the week was great, with a little more wash, a little more planning, better studies, more focused attention and laying all our desires on the altar and digging into the work. D&C 4:2 HEART, MIGHT, MIND, and STRENGTH! It’s bone drying but makes the week fly! No greater substitute than working for the Lord and letting him work through us and make of us all that we truly can BECOME! Sunday was slow.. especially for preparing for a Stake.. started church 30 minutes late, but had 4 less actives back and 3 investigators at church! I love being a missionary, I’m scared to continue my life, but thankfully I have another year to let the Lord lead me, mold me and allow me to be an instrument in this great and marvelous work! My heart is full of so much joy for the love God has for each of us. I pray that each of us will REMEMBER to trust Him, for as we do He does IMMEDIATELY bless us, without charity we are nothing. Live, Laugh, Love Learn. But most of all Trust In God! Alma 38:5 Love you all so much. Thank you for your time, prayers and support. Have a marvelous week!!! :)

Elder Wilkerson

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