Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

Man this week started out right! I don’t know how it got kick started so right, all I know is I reread through many of my letters and bought more sticky notes. I really believe as we write things down, even if we don’t look at them, they stick with us longer!!! I just started keeping a study journal and if nothing else it helps me stay awake during studies, but it helps me apply and think about how I can do better!! I love how everything in the church works together! I was reading through a 7th day book just to learn a little more bout their beliefs and see where they are coming from, but it was crazy to me how many members they do have.. how much of the world really is confused! But it’s awesome how this week you have your ward conference on the plan of salvation and here in Jamaica we have the same discussion.. maybe in a liccabit different of a way, but just perfect how the gospel helps the thuggies, the druggies, the popular, the rich, the weak and simple and really the crazy people are the most dedicated to the church! But it’s awesome how there really is something for everyone!! And this week we decided we needed to put our skills to work as a companionship! We all have different ways of doing the work! We are the more layed back and fun teaching style, some are more serious. But this week we let the hands do the talking and did service almost every single day. Tuesday we went to the Alexander yard and I guess it was wash day. Everyone was washing! Up the whole street! So we pushed Sis. Alexander’s lesson back, tucked in our ties and went and scrubbed, and rinsed and hung up a whole leap of clothes! And by the end, everyone knew a little bit, if not a lot, about us. And cleared up we aren’t CIA!! Service softens hearts and I’m thankful for that blessing and actually serving with Elder Carter who probably for the first time really pushes me to keep up!! Wednesday and Saturday of course we had the wheelchair thing and we got some contacts there, but most were out of our area! A lot of good still done though!! Thursday we helped the Lamey’s work on their house and Pres. Singh do concrete on Friday!! Saturday we also helped the Peart family pick fruit and they now have some more family living there. Jovus and Natasha, they are 21, looking to learn and to get married! So that will be cool. It was great to teach the Restoration again!! But we got to have the faith to make it work. And as we seek for those spiritual experiences our faith grows, but if we stop having them we lose that desire, so we have to keep moving forward, there is no stalling on a moving treadmill! It’s been a while and hopefully we can really pick it up again!! We are also working with grandma Brown, Sis. Peart’s mother! 3 awesome people and more to come!! We had to drop Yemisi and probably Lucky this week... but Ashani is moving right along and we have things arranged to get him to church this Sunday!! He’s ready!!! But even though we didn’t have any investigators at church we had a great meeting! We had 8 Less Actives Back!!! Super duper awesome! We actually for the first time had to open up the curtain and there is more where that came from!! Lots of good little things happening! We plan to take a day off the bikes and just talk to everyone cuz the gospel is ready for Jamaica! Stay  tuned for more updates next week, love you all so much! Keep it real!

Elder Wilkerson  

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