Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

Gosh, this week has seemed long but it shore was a good worth while one!! First highlight I would say is Sam. Sam can’t read, but we gave him a Book of Mormon the 2nd time we saw him and his eyes lit up so big. Not a lot of family love, he is like 40, but we are now reading with him and he is just so sincere and the spirit is so strong when we just are reading the most simple things, it’s tight!!  Next day we had a sweet lesson with Melinda. Now that school is out there are parties all over... let’s just say Satan is working hard in Jamaica.  Anyways, the visit was so sick! She is a less active return missionary and even with the party floats and buses just around the corner, we just like somehow blocked it out and  focused and had a great lesson and she wanted to sing a hymn after, it was just so amazing!! Perfect lesson! So we got 2 more elders coming to Spanish town! Gonna have a 6 man party/work house!! 10 missionaries in Spanish town!!!  We picked up a couple solid referrals from x-man (Xavier). Gary is one, he’s just solid, asked some sweet questions. Whenever we talk about the temple and baptisms for the dead it always weirds people out, but for Gary he was like WHAt! Really? How do you do that?  Just solid! Can’t wait to teach him more!! Sunday was just a ahh yah moment day. Recent converts just going to work! Rick and Kimani passing sacrament, Jhaniel and Jason giving lessons and all rc's showing up on time!! Yahoo!! Been watching the broadcast in sacrament the last week and that was just powerful for priesthood and relief society! Totally pumped the branch up to spread the gospel and just open their mouths. We had like 10 referrals that night! Just sweet to watch how the work is progressing!! Makes all the blood sweat and tears worth while, haha! Not too much blood and tears but that transfer over to the sweat category!! Work is just going great, excited to see what will happen with transfers this week! All’s good ,just keep on keepin on! Much love to all!

Mac man is all done.
Painting with Xavier and kids.

Rode a cart! The old man that owns it is named Marvin, haha

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