Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013

Good Day! District Leader ain’t bad.  I get a great opportunity to serve the missionaries around me and understand more thoroughly how I can be helping them and serving them so we can all grow together! Responsibilties are just a few, collect numbers at the end of the week, do follow-up calls and check on their top two investigators which really just gives me an idea when they will have an interview needed to be done for baptism so I can prepare for that and be able to do some trade offs to lift the missionaries, give support and encouragement and also meet these progressing investigators so we can see any problems or concerns we can/need to resolve before the interview!!  My new companion Elder Wignal! He is just great! We get a long super well. He is a convert but 4 years now. Just baptized with his dad and uncle.. humble, hard working guy! The area we are pretty much starting from scratch but have 2 investigators right now and 6 recent converts moving slow but steady! But shore hope to really pick up the pace these next few months!! The area is great! A lot hotter than Spanish Town.  We wake up at 5:00 to do insanity with the other elders (which is great cuz I’m at 190lbs now- 35lbs gain)  and it’s flippin 95 Degrees!! Super hot and super flat, like no hills anywhere!!  But the people are great. Our house is on the 2nd floor so we get to carry our bikes upstairs and we got hot water and another washing machine! So good things there!! Sunday was different.. no one plays the piano so we listen to a loud recording of the hymns, the building is nice but the chapel can only hold like 100 people, will need an addition here in a bit!! Don’t have a microwave at the house so no more oatmeal, haha! And we live pretty close to shopping centers and stuff.  The email shop is a lot bigger! Has instead of 4 computers, like 40! So definitely striving a little more up here! Well that’s kinda the wrap on things today, will try to get more of the spiritual notes down for the next week, but you can guarantee I’m having them! This mission is the greatest thing I could be doing right now. Learning so very much!! Have an awesome week everyone! Much Love!

Elder Wilkerson

Nun Tryd Nun Dun!
Our house - top left side is our living quarters!

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