Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

Good morning! Well jeez, today is mixed feelings and such!  Packing up the bags and getting the journal signed! I’m off to Savanna-la Mar to serve with Elder Wignal! A real Jamaican! Haha! Also get to live in another 4 man house with another washing machine! Get to live with my boy Elder Groesbeck! It was really tough bearing my testimony and saying good bye to people yesterday! This is my home town, I’m gonna miss it a ton!! We have some awesome things happening as well!  Along with splitting the area, Elder Strickland is getting pulled away from our investigators as well!  Maxine #2 is getting baptized next week and both of her missionaries won’t be there for it! Ha, good faith tester I guess!  We met Wega Williams last week!  Just a solid guy!  Works on cars, reminds me a lot of Grandpa Wilkerson and kinda black like him as well ;) (grease) haha.  We kicked off real well and he has read the whole Book of Mormon. We had one lesson with him! I’m excited to hear what happens to him, just going to be a solid Priesthood holder!  We need a few in Spanish Town!  Only have about 10 elders, working on it!! We started a class this week for the potential Elders cuz we have so many recent converts!! Zone meeting rocked! President Brown reminds me of Elder Holland. He speaks with convincing power to your heart and soul but does it with such love! Amazing work is going to go down in Jamaica!!  God really is hastening the work you can see it everyday if you keep your eyes peeled and sometimes, actually a lot of times, you don’t have to look, just focus up and you’ll see it! I love Spanish Town. I’m going to miss it like crazy!! I’m excited to be serving in Sav, but also a little nervous. I’m going to be a district leader for practically elders all way older than I! It’s  going to be a great growing opportunity!!  We had some super awesome lessons this week! Not a ton of lessons!  Lots fell through, but the ones we had we made count!! Sister Blake fed us on Sunday. We ate dog tripe, I’ll send a pic, it was great ;) Ha, well excited to hear from you all next week.  Love you!!  Oh and a shout out to Scott Pearson.. found a Scott Pearson in our directory in Spanish Town with a 801 number so gotta be my uncle! Weird!  Liccamor!
Me climb fi tree ta git drink!.
-Elder Wilkerson
Sis Williams grandkids drinking some jellies!

Dog Tripe

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