Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

So busy this week!!! Monday played monopoly with some other Elders and sorry to say haven't been humbled yet! And also played ping pong with walls, gotta spice it up! Tuesday we taught Maxine #2 again, she is just a tender mercy, such a boss. She asks great questions and is awesome just need to get the idea through her head she needs 'a next' baptism... it will come! Just an awesome day over all! Wednesdays they are my favorite! Zone meeting so inspiring and uplifting we bounce out of there just super ready to go out and spread the word! I went on trade off as well with Elder Shurtliff and just another great day in the vineyard of our Lord!  Thursday I kinda let the lord know he was forgetting to give me trials, it was a great week!! So Thursday, I finally blew out a tire and a light bulb! But that compared nothing to the spiritual filled day we had along with interviews for Rick and Kimanis baptisms, they passed!! Friday filling the font and super planning filled most of the day and the sad part with Saturday we always gotta go early to the church cuz Satan works hard and something always goes wrong!  So of course the plug popped out and we brought hoses in from outside and filled er up!!  But the baptism was so spiritual.  Niccola Campbell spoke again cuz she referred Rick over to us to teach. She just brings the spirit with her testimony so strong! Only had to dunk them once! I got the opportunity to dunk both cuz Elder Hamilton left! But yah it was awesome overall!  Sunday just topped the week off !  To see the branch really taking control instead of us missionaries was a sweet fruit! Maxine gave a talk in church on prayer, Xavier gave the lesson in gospel principles, and Jason and Steven( recent converts) gave Rick and Kimani the Priesthood!!  Was an awesome experience and less stressful on us and could focus on the investigators which was nice cuz we had 4 of them show up! And they are just solid! Looking forward to another baptism next month! Just a boss spiritual filled week! Yes I am still getting fat! But loving mission life! And love you all stay awesome talk to you next week!!

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