Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

Whoa!  i just have such a spiritual drive right now to share the gospel with everyone. We just blew our numbers out of the waters this week!  We worked so hard and just really hope we can keep that drive going!  We should have got more members out to lessons but we picked up 9 new investigators and had 16 other lessons this week with 7 members present. We also saw 9 less actives and it was awesome to see 6 of those less actives come back out to church!  Loving the work!  The days are sometimes so very, very long especially when appointments fall through, but this week we just made it happen!!  We are in the process right now trying to help 5 people over come addictions right now whether it be ganjah or sex.. two major problems out here!
I always like dreaded Sundays out here cuz we have been teaching the lessons and giving the talks and stuff but Elder Cornish from the seventy took control of the situation. We now throw people under the bus to help them build faith!  We didn’t give the talks or teach gospel principles this week and never week after week should we have to do that again! Terrible, but awesome at the same time!
A  line up haircut is kinda hard to explain its more of a black man hair cut. Maybe I’ll just get one one time to show you!!
 Elder Strickland is a boss to serve with! He is always positive and happy! He’s weird and scares me at times, but I am learning so much from him and leading the area. I am growing so much!! He has a yuke that he is teaching us to play, it’s frustrating and reminds me of piano but being out on the mission it would be awesome if I could play any musical instrument!  Found a harmonica in the apt. so if you could find any music laying around for that instrument I would love if you would send it out!!! Elder Strickland is from Tennesse! He hit his 1 year mark on Wednesday and its tradition to burn a shirt so we did that and while at it used our flamethrower to take out some wasp nests! Does a great job if you are looking for some bug killer yourself :)  Also on Monday before we forget bout Elder Hamilton, he always floured people on their birthdays so he got floured for going away at FHE it was great! I’m just glad they let me in on it :) Will attach photos!  Well that’s kinda my week in a wrap. In a few words I would have to describe it as a plethora of Awesomeness! Love you all, have a fantastic week!!! 
 My boy (Elder Hamilton) all floured!
 Elder Hamilton's last FHE in Spanish Town.
FIRE!  Elder Strickland burning a shirt for 1 year out.

Book of Mormon ping-pong.

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