Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5, 2013

Hey family ! MTC is so much different then I thought it would be ! 16 hrs of study time a day, tons of praying and tons of studying. I have felt so much closer to the lord in the last few days then I would say in my life ! The spirit is so strong here and just something totally different about it than anywhere else! I can memorize things with ease and mom I make my bed every morning, pray morning and night my room is spotless its cool haha. Um the food so first day it was TERRIBLE we were like this is what we have to look forward to... so the next days food was much better we were like why such the dramatic change ??  We were talking with some other people and we went to the LEFTOVER line, it was like days old, the pizza was stacked sideways, it made sense!!  But I’m learning so much!  It feels like I cleaned my plate when I walked through the doors cuz I thought I knew a lot about the gospel but it turns out I didn’t really hah!  But no I have learned so much! I heard a quote about prayer that totally changed the way I look at it . It was " pray like tomorrow is judgement day" . Praying is so easy now.  I can whip out a 10 min prayer easy with God and can feel his love so much.  Sunday was focused on the atonement and I learned so much there and that helped with prayer as well.  My companion is Elder Bateman he is Canadian!  A lot of his language is rubbing off,  its kinda weird but not bad.  Just saying  bag like bog and lots of "a"s haha but no we get along so well it’s like having a twin and just like so many comparables in people I feel like I’m home. Like my branch president reminds me of Uncle Steve and acts like him it’s nuts!  So yah today is p day. We did laundry today.... and freak it was nothing like I imagined.  We got there and there is like 100 washing machines no schedule all running on different times and you just run around trying to find a spot sliding your pass card all over the place and pushing buttons but once you get everything its kinda nice to just relax for a min!  It’s just been a sweet oppurtunity to learn! The world really is so distracting it’s been nice to put down the cellphone, music, computer and tv for a while.  It’s been sweet to see the hand of the lord in like everything !! He helps us through so much if we will let him and having the spirit here and no distractions you can feel the promptings and recognize it more! I have had tons of sweet experiences and keeping a good journal!  Thanks for all the letters I have enjoyed them!!  Every time we get mail we sing mail time from blues clues!! Ha, our branch is so much fun, we all get along super well but also know how to get spiritual we keep a pretty sweet balance !!  We have teaching experiences like one is just our teacher and we have to make it seem real and it’s just a roleplay but its so like real life its struggling and frustrating but good!  This is the dealio! MTC experience is good but so pumped to hit the field and its coming fast!! I cant believe its already been a week!!  We leave on march 12 at like 5:00 in the morning so yah I think that is about all I have for today!  Love you all and miss you but not too much cuz they keep us super busy you really have no time to think! It’s a bitter sweet moment but yah love yall thanks for everything ! And  I guess only in the laundry room you can attach photos Weird !!! k Peace !

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