Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013

The water for the baptisms and showers and everything is the same, COLD, ice cold.  Some days it’s nice when its super hott!  Super duper hot this week, low hundreds and low wind.  Thought I would be sweating off pounds but I’m gaining it somewhere probably in the legs from biking and walking a lot. I have gained 17 lbs since I left the mtc! haha so that’s crazy. Must be my American food diet keeping me at a decent weight!  Tried some different things for lunch this week. Had some goat and rice, chicken back, turkey neck, beans, and tried some crab. It was freaky staring back at me and everything, it wasn’t bad though! I just dint like chewing through all the bones having to be super careful, but better get use to that!! There’s like no dairy products, no cheese, fake milk, and bacon is expensive so yah... oh well !  This week has been rough but good, we gave like 8 priesthood blessings to people including my companion. That was sweet, we were able to keep working through it all! We have like 6 progressing investigators, all were at church. I’m starting to feel a total desire of love for these people and watching the gospel change them is sweet!!! We had to drop one investigator, just wasn’t doing the commitments, it was hard, he’s a boss, so we will see where that goes!! Umm, oh yah, almost got hit by a car. We were both skidding all over the road trying to stop, pretty intense!!  Cars here you just get use to, there is no way to track people so like no laws for driving. I have touched so many cars at like 50-60 mph it’s insane but I’m fine! I totally realized this week, it finally hit me I’ll be gone for TWO years! I Love And Miss you all but hey one month down only 23 to go!! My trainer explained it to me like a house you have the wall(first 6 months) straight up the wall, next 6 months up the roof still a climb but a little easier! You peak at the end and the next 12 are all down hill go so quick!!  So just gotta endure I guess!! haha! We went into Kingston today to play capture the flag at an old battle field that has places you can see where the turrets sat and got some pics. Still trying to figure everything out there!! but I will get them sent eventually ! It was right next to the ocean, it was beautiful an awesome!  Played monopoly last p-day and guess some things never change, they will never play again with me cuz i whooped them!! We play football some mornings at 5:30. Everything is going pretty good other than I have fixed my bike tire 3 times already but the roads are terrible! love my elders I’m staying with. We all help each other work hard. That’s bout all I got for this week! Oh, but one more thing. We were getting groceries and this kid comes flying outta nowhere in flip flops, never watched a kid run so fast in flops!!!  Like 10 secs later some more run around yelling thief !! We are like, “oh snap, we could have stopped him” !! but I guess they probably caught  him cuz like people realized what was going on and like everyone has everyone’s back! Like, no joke, people grab shovels, knives, whatever they can get and like 30 people going chasing this guy! Havent heard what happened yet ha! crazy!! Love you guys, have a good week!!

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