Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 12 - On his way

I got a phone call from Sterling today!  He was in Texas on a layover.  He said that they had another layover in Miami and then should get to Jamaica about 8:30 tonight.  They left the MTC at 5:00 this morning so it will be a very long day.  He is traveling with 6 elders and 3 sisters all heading to Jamaica. 

My parents said that he told them that he got to teach a non-member in the MTC and was excited about that.  Apparently it was someone attending BYU who was getting religion credit by going to the MTC to be taught by the missionaries there.  They got him to commit to read the Book of Mormon so he was excited about that. 
Not sure when his p-day will be, but we'll wait anxiously to hear from him and keep you posted.

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