Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 12, 2014

Things goin easy with the new companion! He loves roleplays so that is easy. He is bold and ready to teach the lessons that they practiced in the MTC, but some of the minor stuff leading up to the lessons we need to work on. Kinda awkward! But we will get there! He likes to eat weird mixes of food, but things go easy over all. We don’t have much in common, but with the gospel, the 12weeks or two transfers will go pretty quick I think! I really enjoy training. We had a training meeting on Wednesday before we got our trainees and we were there forever. Then someone asked if we should get going and he just simply said, “this is really important” and that training is a more important responsibility over any other. He was like, “I bring missionaries in as assistants and zone leaders and district leaders to TRAIN my TRAINERS”. Whoa.. if you’re not brought into those positions, it really says something about you. I’m not gonna lie, I have lots of pride still.. wanting to be a zone leader and get to drive!! But if the Lord wants me to be a trainer, I will stay on the bike and try to not let him down as being a worthy one ready to train at anytime! Really cool to know that I have been able to train so many times. I feel really privileged and have learned so much, but I guess I still try to use positions to judge how well I am doing. It probably shouldn’t be that way and I don’t know how to overcome it, but I just want to know that I am giving my best. (alright I’m done venting :) 
This week was good though. Elder Sandmaier and I got back late Wednesday night, but we were able to pick up Sasha - one of Georgia’s daughters. Also picked up Jodi the next evening and another named Analice this Sunday! I feel like worthiness and trust that God sees really determines how much people he will dump into our area and hands! Things are going pretty well other than we are  still struggling to find Priesthood brethren, but soon come!! We got some solid lessons tonight and are really going to be buckling down hard with the members especially cuz everyone is getting pumped for this very special day of getting a Stake. We need to start acting and thinking like a Stake. It should be so great. So yes, it is confirmed that Elder Holland will be establishing the Stake and we get to meet with Elder Cornish this Thurday during Zone Conference! Should be sweet! That is all I got for this week! Love you all and hope all the mothers had a wonderful day. Bless up, we will talk next week :)

Elder WIlkerson
Sterling's new companion - Elder Sandmaier - He's from Canada and is 6'6"

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