Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

This week was another rough one! But we still did many good things! I have been looking at trials a lot differently! The hard times are there and try not to get frustrated but just learn from the negative situation! We did have some great investigators lined up for baptism but just having some temporary set backs! Shereca is like my most changed investigator! She stopped partying, drinking, coffee and smoking the day we taught it! She is pounding into the scriptures and just getting soo involved at the church. She told her boyfriend about the way she wants to live and a little bit of heart ache there but as soon as we clear up the law of chastity she wants to get baptized so bad!! It might be in Mobay, cuz she is thinking about moving there so she can live the law of chastity! Saffia was not ready to baptize so quit talking to us! But we are just building up her faith now and hopefully we can keep meeting with her! Serena is also ready for baptism, but we have got to clear up some things with her mom! Dang parents! But hey, at least it shows they care, thankful for that much! We picked up some great new investigators this week and had 4 at church and 3 less actives back! Very cool to see our little chapel packed!! One of the sweet scriptures we found this week since we are working on our language as followers of Christ is James chapter 3, the whole thing! James throws Down! You can’t feel bad and good at the same time when reading that!! Check it and challenge everyone to watch what we say, especially when we get frustrated!! as I did a little bit this week! Another word in my studies that stuck out to me besides "remember" is "nourish".  Jacob chapter 5 says it like 18 times!! So cool! I love studying the scriptures! I probably should just read them! But I love getting deep in them! Not a whole lot to talk about this week! We have transfer calls on Saturday and it sounds like the district is going to be getting bigger! I’m excited to see what will be happening! We have a lot of Jamaicans coming in this next transfer! So yah, that’s kinda a quick wrap on the week! Love yall! You’re in my prayers! Keep fighting off Satan and grasping firm! 1 Nephi 8!
Elder Wilkerson
Remember to nourish!


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